Rat A Tat


Rat-A-Tat is a funny animated cartoon series showing the adventures of a dog called Don, Colonel- another big sized dog and naughty mice brothers.

Cat & Keet


Cat & Keet is a comedy video series in cartoon for children which shows the funny adventures of a cat named Cat and a parrot / parakeet named Keet.


Kids Fantasy

Cartoon series about talking vehicles in a fictional town called Friendlyville.

Tenali Raman


The various funny stories about the adventures of Tenlli Raman in the kingdom of Vijayanagara.

Jil Jil Genie

Kids Fantasy

Munna and Meenu rescued by a genie. An evil sorcerer is always trying to catch him to become all powerful.

Humpty Dumpty

Kids Action

Humpty Dumpty, the nursery rhyme character transformed into an all powerful superhero a.k.a. HTDT the Action Hero!!

Lucky Fred


Lucky Fred is a goofy, accidental and very lucky hero. He is your usual Joe with usual teenage problems.

Gaju Bhai


He is the quintessential SUPERSTAR of the glitterati world. He has Shahrukh Khan's style, Salman Khan's power and Hrithik Roshan's charisma.

The Magical ToothFairies


How it All Began - Sweets & Cavity is the first episode from the Magical world of the Toothfairies.

Chai Chai


In a calm countryside teashop, an owner- makes the best tea imaginable & has a waiter cum guard dog Sundar. Enter Basha a naughty young monkey.



The popular Babix, is all about friendship. But today two stars are in the middle of a fight and restore love and friendship.

Om Nom Stories


Om Nom, your favourite children's game, now on your favourite channel Chotoonz TV.

3 Rabbits


Watch the brand new #cartoon show for #children 3 #Rabbits only on Chotoonz TV. #3Rabbits stuck in a deep #cave have to figure out a way to freedom and their favourite #carrots.