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3 Ways of Making Friends and Building a Strong Friendship

02 August 2018


Rightly said by Marcus Tullius Cicero, “Friendship improves happiness and abates misery, by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief.” Having someone to enjoy your favorite animated series online or having someone to play with or just having someone to talk to is one of the greatest gifts any human being can receive at any age.

Advantages of Children Having Friends

  • It makes their mind sharper.
  • It helps them refrain from bullying.
  • It builds resilience in them.
  • It reduces stress in them.
  • It encourages them to be kind towards other people

As parents we can’t force our kids or someone’s kids to be friends with each another. What we can do is explain to them what friendship means, how they can be a good friend, and build a strong friendship.

The three most important ways of creating a strong bond of friendship are

1. Understanding The Definition of Friendship– The most of us neglect the foundation of creating a great friendship. The essence of friendship includes

  • Spending quality time watching your favorite cartoon Rat a Tat or playing a fun game on Chotoonz together or playing outside.
  • Sharing your feelings, gifts with each other.
  • Caring about the safety and well-being of each other.
  • Respecting each other’s personality and accepting them for who they are.
  • Treating yourself as your best friend which means loving and respecting yourself the same way you would to a friend.

2. Qualities of a Good Friend– A good friend is someone who will always have your back through thick and thin. They are someone you can trust and who will support you. They will be critical about you but that’s only because they care. Some qualities of a good friend are

  • Treating your friends and others with respect and not trying to be a leader of your group
  • Giving each other space and time apart. They may have other friends and you need to let them have a good time with them too especially if they having a good time.
  • There is sure to be a difference of opinions, try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes before reacting and remember you are not always right.
  • If a person trusts you enough to share their inner inhibitions, learn to keep their secret safe with you unless they are facing discomfort or feel unsafe.

3.Do’s and Don’ts in a Friendship– There are a few pointers that can help children in developing a lasting bond. Ask them to follow this:

Things to PracticeThings Not to Practice
Listen to your friends when they talk and respond accordingly.Don’t put anyone down in front of others or if it’s just the both of you.
Congratulate your friend when they do something well.Bragging about things you have done or got is never a good idea
Be honest with your feelings but don’t hurt their feelingsDon’t interrupt while your friend is sharing something interesting like a joke of news.
Help and encourage them all the time without keeping score.Never talk about them behind their backs or about them without their permission.
Always return anything you have used or borrowed from them.Don’t make personal comments about their color,  religion, country, or their physical appearance.
Be pleasant with each other by saying please and thank you.Don’t overbear or overpower your presence in their life.
Always clear the air if there is a conflict. Don’t have any grudges or anger towards each other.Don’t fight their battles for them. You can support them but don’t interfere in their personal space unless they ask for help.


This Friendship day makes it a point to make new friends and cherish the ones you have. You can give them a friendship band as a token of appreciation and affection you have for them for being your friend. They have accepted you for what you are, you should do the same. Before being anyone else friend, be your own.

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