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5 Ways to Teach your Child to be Compassionate Towards Others

31 May 2018


With the presence of digital media spreading like hot bricks, our kids are exposed to insolent content, sometimes which may stay with them, thinking that is the way of life. But teaching them to be compassionate towards others and raising them different and better from the rest is our job as parents. Intuiting them to engage in cartoons like Rat a Tat which teach them both sides of the coin is important for them to understand the difference. Once our kids grow up and spread their wings into the world, they have already made their choices which leaves us with less of an opportunity to rectify them. Listed below are a few tips which will assist in inculcating compassionate behavior towards others.

Pointers to Raise a Compassionate Child

  1. It runs in the family– Its true when they that being kind or compassionate towards others begins at home. Kids are very perceptive and quick to learn. Only if we are kind towards others, we lend a helping hand to those in need will our kids learn from that. For example, saying something nice or greeting people makes a lot of difference. Its the little gestures in our daily life that has an impact.
  2. School-time Shenanigans– School can be hard for some kids especially the ones who are introverts or less fortunate, but by regularly talking to your kids about school, about the others kids, if anyone is getting bullied or if a kid is either eating alone or playing by themselves, encouraging your kids to take the first step like befriending them, helping them out assists in setting positive examples for the rest. You could ask them to invite them over and they could enjoy cartoons for kids like Cat & Keet which captures it.
  3. Elderly people are people too– Often we tend to be inattentive to the elderly in either our neighborhoods or in our families. It is vital we teach them to love and respect their elders. Arrange for them to spend quality time with the elderly in your circle as they can learn a lot from them and also make them happy. The elderly are lonely most of the time and would love to have company. Narrate stories to your kids about their lives and show them how they can make a difference.
  4. Pets are stress-busters- Owning a pet or taking your kids to pet shelters and observing their behavior, can be a great way to indicate their character. Either they would be nurturing or callous. Give them responsibilities towards the pet to teach them to care for and be compassionate towards something other than their own well-being.
  5. Avail the media– The accessibility to television and the internet has become effortless and there is audacious content which is inevitable. It is difficult to filter it all out. But what we can do as parents are, use it to our advantage by watching with our kids and taking instants from the free cartoons online or offline to teach them that it could have been different if they were compassionate towards each other and that being kind goes a long way. Chotoonz is an amazing platform to demonstrate empathy and solicitude.

Sometimes people find it difficult to express themselves, to comprehend or display emotion. It is vital that we open our hearts to our children. They need to understand that by you demonstrating it verbally and physically. Giving them hugs or appreciating them, thanking them, motivates them to feel the same way towards others as it builds the much-needed confidence and compassion. Ask yourself when was the last time you showed compassion towards another person and help your kids grow into kindhearted people. Its never too late to start.

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