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7 Tips to Get Your Kids to Love Doing Their Homework

20 August 2018


The word “homework” brings about jitters in any kid and when they are asked to complete it, they try their best to stay as far as they can. On the other hand, show them the Ipad or computer and promptly they will tune into their favorite animated series online which they can do once they are done with it. Making it seem like an obligation takes them away from it, instead, we should reason out with them and make them understand the importance of it. Here are a few tips that might just change their whole view point about homework and they might enjoy doing it.

1. Be a Motivator not a Torturer– As parents, instead of making it sound like a punishment, encourage and empower kids making them feel like its a rewarding experience. Involve them and make them in charge in selecting a preferred time and place they would like to do their homework.

2. Incorporate a Study Schedule– With the help of your kid, come up with a routine that they have chosen that involves study time and play time. This helps kids in developing a more focused and disciplined lifestyle. This way, they get to have fun and also learn a thing or two.

3. Create a Conducive and Pleasant Place for them to Do their Homework– Each child has a different way of learning. Some kids prefer a using a desk, while some may be more comfortable sitting on the floor. The main aim is to give them a place which is quiet, lit, ventilated and far away from any distractions like the TV or an electronic gadget.

4. Stock-Up on Supplies- Ensure that before starting their homework, they have everything they need. From pens to paper to calculator to books. If they have a forthcoming assignment, involve them and create a list of things they may need. Being prepared will help them focus better and have a good time while doing their homework.

5. Make it Fun– Normally kids think there homework is boring and a waste of time. Show them that it can be fun and enjoyable. For example- If it is math, use props like cups, balls or even use candies. If its about the environment, create jingles or take them out for them to get a better understanding.

6. Cut them some Slack- To avoid them from getting distracted or burning out, let them take breaks in between. Let them have a day off when they don’t have to do homework, it could be a weekend or any day they pick. They are kids at the end of the day, they should be able to enjoy Rat a Tat or play outside.

7. Finish your Homework with them- It would be a good example if you finish doing your work with them. It could be reading or planning the family holiday. If your child sees you doing this, this may motivate them to finish their homework. Ensure that during this time, you keep your phone or any other electronic gadget away.


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