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5 Ways to Laugh and Have a Good Time as a Family

15 May 2018


When was the last time you laughed whole heartedly? With the world going to places and people getting busier by the day, we forget to enjoy the little things in life. Whether its enjoying a kids cartoon, joking around about a funny video we saw online, or even pulling pranks on each other, we are oblivion to having fun, having a good time with friends, family, colleagues etc. We forget the most important thing- to laugh.   Laughter is considered the best medicine which helps in not only lowering blood pressure, but also builds our immune system, acts as a stress buster, and boosts our memory, making us alert and creative. As its highly beneficial for an individual, it proves to be extremely salutary for a family. Families that laugh together tend to be happier, healthier, and stick together through thick and thin.

Kids tend to naturally adapt to their parent’s mannerisms, so it is important to find time to laugh together as a family. Inculcating this in kids at a young age will facilitate them to enjoy a hearty and healthy life. As parents, it might be difficult to come up with ideas to tickle the funny bone in our kids,  here are few pointers on what may work with them.

Tips on Laughing as a Family

  1. Act nonsensical- Talk gibberish, not making any sense, or make mistakes and letting your kid correct you. For example call out a dog as a cat, a dress as a tress, or try wearing a pair of your jeans from the top. Let your kid set you straight.
  2. Watch a funny show- There is a dearth of funny videos, shows, cartoons for kids online. Chotoonz Tv is the best platform to enjoy family time with your kids. Shows like Rat-a-Tat, Cat & Keet will have your family in splits!
  3. Make mindless songs- Pick any of your kids favorite nursery rhymes or songs and substitute silly words in it. For example “itzy bitzy spider went up the water spout”, instead of spider, you could say elephant. Let your kid correct you with right version in between sessions of laughter.
  4. Help in developing a sense of humor- Invest in a children’s joke book, narrate some jokes which you found funny, teach them a few “knock, knock” jokes. Have a funny face making contest with them. This will help in developing a sense of humor in them which will not only make the entire family laugh but it will also prepare them for the afflictions in life.
  5. Reading comic books- Kids find incongruity extremely funny. For example Spider-Ham, where Peter Porker is a pig! They also fancy funny rhyming and word-play.

Many a times it may seem hard to understand the things kids find funny but it is essential to keep in mind that their sense of humor is forming and they are new to it. They may enjoy and find different things funny than you do, but in order to maintain a hearty and healthy environment, learn to respect their individual sense of humor.

Points to Keep in Mind While Cracking Someone Up

  • Be fine with laughing at yourself– Kids tend to make mistakes and might feel bad about. Join them in their mistake and laugh at yourself. For example if they accidentally slip, slip with them. This will give them the spirit to laugh at our imperfections.
  • Find other ways then tickling to laugh– Try avoiding the most cliched way of laughing-tickling. While it may seem easy, come up with innovative ways which is fun for you and your kid.
  • Don’t overdo it– During a prank or activity, we might get carried away, with our kid getting injured, understand the fine line between laughter and tears.

Laughter is a great way to spread joy and happiness among anyone we come across in our daily life. In order to enjoy life better and have a healthy, happy life, it is vital that we incorporate it within our family and keep the smiles constant.

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