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6 Great Ways To Stay Calm and Do Yoga with Your Kids

20 June 2018


International Yoga Day

The life-sustaining goal for any parent is to bring up kids who are healthy, contented and become productive adults. To ensure that this goal is met with, its vital to teach your kid the value of healthy living. We live in a digital age where everything is dynamic and evolving, where each individual including children experience varying levels of stress.

We live in the misconception that kids don’t undergo stress, only grown ups do. But that’s where we are mistaken because whether its getting good grades, excelling in an extra curricular activity or just fitting in, kids have a lot of pressure to perform. This in turn has a major impact on their self-esteem and overall transitioning into adulthood.

Yoga, a tried and tested form of exercise proves to work wonders in developing a healthy mind and heart, maintaining weight, building a strong immunity system and reducing stress. Kids are born flexible and innately take to it, rightly shown in Rat a Tat, a favorite cartoon series for kids.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Minimizes Stress – When kids learn and practice techniques for inner fulfillment, relaxation, and self-care, it helps them survive life’s challenges without being stressed or anxious.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem– Being a noncompetitive physical activity, it facilitates a child to improve their confidence and self-esteem

Coordination and Care– Yoga inspires kids to be compassionate to one and another and demonstrates teamwork which is the crux of life.

Enhances Overall Health – It boosts an individuals health mentally and physically. Mentally is improves a child’s concentration while physically it adds to their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness.

6 Great Ways of Getting your Kid to Stop Running Around and Strike a Yoga Pose

Demonstrate in front of your children- Children are forever curious and inquisitive. Use this to your advantage. Strike the tree pose, and you will immediately see them wanting to join and asking all kinds of questions! Once they see that yoga is natural, they will make it part of their everyday routine.

Make it Fun- While practicing yoga with your kids, ensure that you keep it fun and don’t put too much pressure on them to perfect a pose. Try out funny poses like the waterfall pose or the rag doll pose. There are a few animated series online for kids.

Keep it crazy- Some of the poses are inspired from animal names. While practicing a pose, make the animal noise associated to it. For example while doing the downward dog, make the noise of a dog.

Let them Lead-Allow your child to pick a yoga pose they enjoy doing or give them the freedom to create their own pose with a unique name.

Strike a pose. Yoga has a renowned impact globally ascribed to Social media. Especially on Instagram with yoga challenges pictures and videos of pose of the day. Practice the same with your kids. Have a pose of the day with them.

Kid-Friendly Feedback– With kids, the approach to feedback is completely different as compared to adults. Unlike adults who like it when you tell them “good job”, kids prefer high fives, a happy dance, or being called a superhero!

Kids like playing and goofing around, so make play time fun and healthy for them by teaching them to do a flamingo pose or a pretzel pose. This International Yoga Day, make it a point to encourage them to try out a pose and just have fun with yoga! Make it a fun family activity.

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