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4th of July: Teaching Kids the True Meaning of American Independence

02 July 2018


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of 4th of July? Fireworks? An entertaining theme party? A picnic at the park? Watching your kids favorite cartoon? Sounds about right! But why do we celebrate it? We all know it’s the American Independence Day and it’s a fun holiday with its festivities. But do we know the significance of it and the meaning of being patriotic? It is important we enlighten our kids about the history of this special day, the heroes who fought for us, the feeling of patriotism, the love for the country that aids us to live a self-sufficient life.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic in hand, let’s first educate our kids on the following definitions:

  • A Patriot is a person who loves and supports their country.
  • Freedom of expression is the ability of expressing one’s opinions, making individual choices, and respecting the choices made by others. In a country like America, it is accepted.
  • Independence is being able to take decisions and choose things for yourself without depending on anyone else.

Answering the Important Questions at Hand

  • American Independence aka America’s birthday is celebrated on 4th July. It all began when the country’s founders decided to go against Great Britain and declare their independence from the order’s of Britain’s king. The king was unfair in his law and order, and to go against the king meant committing a nonpunishable crime but the founders decided to go against him in order to attain freedom of governing themselves. So on 4th July, 1776, they won the war and thirteen colonies claimed their independence against Britain which came to be known as the Revolutionary war.
  • Conception of the Flag was done in a way that it proved to be a symbol for the people of America of unity, compassion, and respect; that we are all one. The 50 starts denote the 50 states in America, 13 stripes are for the 13 British colonies that declared independence.
  • The Functioning of the Government plays a vital role in our lives and is it essential that we demonstrate it to our kids, show them how the government functions and the impact they have within communities. Take them for a tour to the town and explain to them how the government incorporates policies and practices keeping in mind the people of America. Inform them about grown-ups paying taxes to the state and national government so that they can construct and maintain facilities for the citizens. For example, education is important to us, hence schools are set up; to enjoy free time which is available for all, we have parks and recreational centers.
  • Role of the President is to maintain law and order among the country which is not an easy task. As a way of learning, put your kid in their shoes, ask them to imagine what it would be like if they had to govern a country. Would everyday be Hamburger Day? Would they watch Rat a Tat all day long? Would they want everyone to be happy? It is essential we discuss with them what some of our presidents have done for the country in tough times.
  • Responsibility as a Citizen is to obey the law, go to school, vote, keep the country clean, helping people in need, being aware of our problems as citizens of our country. Teach them that everyone who is part of our country is like family and together we can make a difference.

As Americans we have many privileges like freedom of expression which allows us to have people from all around the world. This aids us in understanding the ethnicity of different cultures. We should tell our kids that this makes us a special country and we are proud to be citizens. This 4th of July give the greatest gift to your child– Knowledge. It’s the best time to inculcate patriotism in them, like we do.

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