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6 Ways to Celebrate International Peace Day with Your Kids

20 September 2018


Its that time of the year where we forgive and forget personal squabbles,  put down our weapons of destruction, and spread love, harmony, and peace. International Day of Peace which was sanctioned by the United Nations on 21st September, gives us a great opportunity to engross kids and youngsters in diverse and enriching activities related to peace and unity which will create a positive and meaningful impact in their world.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Peace Day with your kids

  • Maintain a Moment of Silence– Be a part of the movement followed by billions of people around the world. At 12 noon, fall silent in remembrance of the great heroes and leaders who have dedicated their lives in giving us a secure and peaceful life and to those who continue to do it.

  • Have a Get Together– Invite your family and friends for a fun and entertaining peace themed-party or a pot-luck party where you include international dishes, enemies, and conversations about living harmoniously.
  • Charity– It is important to teach our kids to give back to those who have suffered and lost everything they have due to war or an unforeseen circumstance. Use this day to show your support to the families who are struggling for survival.
  • Create a Buzz– It is important to spread awareness by getting your kids to make pinwheels for peace, writing a poem or essay, uploading a video on You Tube with DIYs to do and lastly by updating your social media handles with the things done by your kids.
  • Plant a Tree– The best way to give back to nature and maintain balance in the environment is by planting a tree and nurture it. It also acts as a symbol of patience, tolerance, and renewal of lost resources. This is a great way to get your kids bond with nature and respect it.

  • Initiate Peace Day Celebrations in your Community– With your kids, come up with things to do like a Peace Day walk or marathon with their families and pets, organize a Peace carnival with help of people from your communities, basically get people involved and talking about a peace world.

This International Peace Day, make it a call to action to change our ways and means to make the world a better place to live for us and the future generations to come. Let’s do our bit and set an example for our kids to live in harmony.

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