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How to choose the best cartoons and movies for your child?

30 November 2017


How to choose the best cartoons and movies for your child

How to choose the best cartoons and movies for your child?

Cartoon shows have become an integral part of developing a child’s brain. It helps in the child’s social development skills in many ways. Right from a young age, children love to spend more time in front of the television. There are a variety of programs available on digital platforms, television as well as Online TV and hence, choosing the right programs for the kid to watch which are ideal for brain development as well as improvising their moral responsibility is a parent’s responsibility.

Kids in this era are very choosy about watching cartoon channels. From a very young age, we choose stories of animals to attract children and the televisions also choose the same technique to attract them with cartoons that have animals like rats, cats, bear, bunny etc as the main characters. While cartoons are the most attractive television content for the children, there are many programs other than animation that is also good for the children to watch such as movies and television series that entertain and also impart knowledge and moral values to the children. There are many engaging programs in Chotoonz channel and Baby Toonz TV for the kids to watch out for, but choosing the right ones to nurture the kids in a rightful way can be tricky.

Choosing the right Cartoon and Animated Films

With so many channels popping up every other day for the children with different types of animations and other programs for the children, it can be very difficult to choose what your child can watch and what needs to be controlled. Choosing the right kind of cartoon to imbibe the kids with good nature and good deeds is a tougher job. Channels like Chotoonz TV and Baby Toonz Kids TV have a wonderful collection of engaging cartoons that let the children explore various things around them. For example, Dora the Explorer cartoon lets kids find, analyze and detect the result of a problem on their own. The show contains some words and facts repeating, yet that lets the kids learn a new word as well as encourage them to more strategic in approaching a problem.

The Fairy Tales Bed Time series on Baby Toonz TV contain the very popular fairy tales of Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella etc. The stories are quite entertaining also help the kids to learn a lot about how to tackle problems with wisdom. The stories are worth watching as it contains many life lessons. Kid KrishOm Nom Series etc. from the Chotoonz TV will surely entice the children. There are a variety of cartoons in TV that will surely encourage healthy and good habits in kids. Choosing cartoons that are suitable for kids age-wise would be an ideal way to develop the child’s ability to an extent.

Parents need to let their children watch movies and other TV series other than cartoons too. Cartoons are totally work of fiction, which gives improvisation and visualization to the kid’s imaginative characters. They are easier to understand and relate to by the children. But the films and TV series instill some social interactions that are quite important too. Parents should choose series which are good for Co-viewing. Choose good films for children that can focus on real lives. Choosing short series would be apt so that the kids don’t get bored. Choosing the right films with messages that truly educate and entertain the child would be the ideal choice. Like the Bed Time Fairy Tales contain many moral lessons to learn, there are many series available on YouTube and other online streaming sites, where one can watch the series without many commercials.

How to select good movies for your child?

Adventure, funny, and thrilling movies are showcased on television and on the internet. Yet choosing the ones that are best suited for kids is the toughest decision for all parents. To make it simpler and less cumbersome, keep a checklist which includes few points as to what not to include. Avoid movies that contain too much violence or any kind of inappropriate content for kids. Language and appearance are also important factors to keep in mind while choosing a movie or a show. Movies that leave a negative impact must be clearly avoided. A child’s mind is quite sensitive and the parents must choose movies meant for children that educate and entertain them to keep them interested and to create an impact. Choosing the right ones that deliver a higher quality of life and simplicity would be good. Watching the movies like the Jungle Book, the Incredibles, the Wizard of Oz, Winnie the Pooh etc would be some wise choices for your kids. While most of the children are scared of watching horror movies, age-appropriate movies can be shown to the children if they enjoy them. The earlier they understand that movies are just a work of fiction, the better it is for them as well as the parents. Movies like Baby’s day out, Home Alone and the Jurassic Park are loved by children of all ages, and adults too, from across the world.

Till the children come of age to choosing what they want to watch, the parents can help them out choosing some entertaining and educational programs that interests them. It could be cartoon channels like Baby Toonz or Chotoonz, or television series like Teletubbies and Art Attack that capture their attention and nurture their creativity equally. Watch them along with your child to understand what the program or movie actually projects. Cartoons like The Happets or the Vitaminix are the great way to impart knowledge through fun and the children would also enjoy them. Cartoons like Rat-A-Tat and Cat & Keet are a lot of fun and show the goodness of friendship. When the parents watch the shows with the children, they can understand how the children are enjoying these shows and also assimilate their likes and preferences. The right mix of cartoons, television series and movies for children would make the children happy and relaxed. They also nurture their imaginations, creativity, and knowledge.

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