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Cartoon Vs Real Life: the right balance

14 December 2017


Cartoon Vs Real Life

Cartoons are amazing works of fiction that involves creativity, imagination and technology. There’s a lot of effort that goes behind making these popular shows among the children, many of which even the adolescents and adults enjoy watching. One major aspect of cartoons is that they are simple to understand which is why they are so popular among the children. Cartoons are a lot of fun to watch and also offer considerable food for thought for the children. While some cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Rat a Teet offer relentless fun through slapstick comedy, shows like The Happets and Winnie the Pooh stress on the need for friendship. There are cartoons like VitaminixSaari and Dora the Explorer that make the children think. These are informative cartoons that explain various facts of everyday life and encourage the children to think and ask questions.

Sometimes, children tend to think that these cartoons are for real as they are too young to understand the technology. That usually happens when they are watching cartoons the entire day and do not step out to the open world to play and interact with other children of their same age. Some children think that the superheroes like Superman and Spiderman really exists because of their innocence. They get over it as they get older and realize the difference between facts and fiction.

How much cartoon is too much?

Balancing between cartoons and enjoying of real life experience is something the parents should ideally insist on their children. This is important for their overall physical and mental development. Children need to play, run, jump and engage in a lot of physical activities to make their muscles and bones strong. This helps them develop physically and make them healthy. Playing and engaging in physical activities is important for mental development too. As the children interact with other children of different ages, their social skills develop. They learn how to play with other children and how to develop friendship. They talk, discuss, fight and argue with other children, all of which are essential to their mental and physical development. So, what about the cartoons?

Cartoons let them relax for a while once they are home. Cartoons are colorful, musical and come with interesting stories that attract the attention of the children. If you watch shows like Om Nom and Saari on Baby Toonz TV you will realize how colorful and attractive they are. They learn a lot about a world which is never accessible to them and realize that there’s a world beyond what they see. When the children are given an opportunity to watch some interesting cartoons of different genres regularly, they tend to help improve their imagination and creativity considerably. Cartoons let the children relax and laugh out, sing and dance, explore and learn new concepts. But it is important to find the right mix of cartoons, movies and other TV shows along with ample physical activities and interaction with other children to benefit the child.

Learning through experience

While the cartoons show the children a bright new world on the screen, once the children experience the joy of playing with other children, they would always prefer actual plays rather than cartoons. Children may get bored quite easily doing something continuously and watching television can also get monotonous for them. Instead, if they spend more time interacting and playing with other children, it is live action happening that they can touch and feel. Children always need intimacy and when they play with other children, they find it more comfortable and soothing. While at home, when they cannot engage in physical activities, they can always watch their favorite cartoons like The Magical world of Tooth FairiesLucky FredChai ChaiFinley the Fire Engine etc. They open up a new imaginative world that’s colorful and always eventful.

Children need quality Parents Time too

Parents need to spend quality time with their children every day. It is important for emotional bonding and also to understand the wants and needs of your child. Some children are very much attached to their parents and seek their attention all the time. They do all kinds of mischief’s to attract their attention. Both parents should spend quality time with their children, talking to them, discussing their matters, listen to their stories, encourage them to be creative, and guide them through the right path for a happy childhood.

Why should children interact with elders, other kids and other human beings?

Man is a social animal. It is important for humans to interact with other humans to live in a good society. Interaction with other people starts from the childhood. Parents must encourage the children to interact with people of all age-groups – other children, elders in the family and other people. If you watch shows like the Simpsons, Lucky Fred, The Happets, and Tooth Fairies, most of the stories stress on the importance of human interaction in terms of family and friends. Children can develop their social skills only when they are able to interact with people of different age-groups without any hesitation. This will make them bond stronger and stay more confident meeting different kinds of people.

Cartoons help the children improve their imagination, creativity, concentration, strategic thinking and also teach them many interesting stories, songs and educational matters through animations. Cartoons are very attractive as they are simple to comprehend and quite colorful which make them more interesting for the children. Simple story telling, sometimes even without dialogues, tend to keep the children happy and engaged. But it is also important for the children to engage in physical activities and play and interact with their peers. Children need to interact with people of all ages to improve their social skills. It is very important that the parents spend quality time with the children to make sure they bond well. Today’s children are tomorrow’s responsible citizens. Let us make them intelligent, compassionate and sensitive to human emotions with the right mix of cartoons and real life.

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