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Mighty young girls and the web world

14 December 2017


Real life super heroes

Mighty young girls and the web world

Today women’s empowerment has become a notable topic of discussion  around the globe. They should get genuine possibilities to become whatever they wish for. They should be able to enjoy their rights and to make use of the assets, resources and their own time.In the present century of computers and web world, internet has turned out to be a tool of empowerment. With the easy accessibility to the social networking sites, women have started  organizing campaigns and expressing their opinions. Internet offer many sites for women and teenage girls.

We have to make empowerment happen from young age.  Unfortunately, the empowerment tools reach the girls at a later stage. Think, are there any sites for girls below teenage? Are they allowed to spend own time in a useful manner? Aren’t  they often forced to watch the TV shows of their brother’s choice? At times oppression starts at home.

Meet the girl protagonists here

For those who look for the right space for young girls; Here it is, the place appropriate for girls “Chotoonz Wondergirl” the cartoon channel, exclusively for girls. No doubt, “Chotoonz Wondergirl” is gifted by the popular Chotoonz TV to our young girls. Chotoonz have really understood the fascinations of girls and has filled “Chotoonz Wondergirl” with the cartoon shows that will enchant them for sure. It’s sure kiddy girls will love Sandra, Lola and Super Abby. You can find all of them in this common space.

There will be no girl who never have dreamt of being a fairy tale heroine or having made a journey through the marvelous world of fairy tales. Sandra, the Fairytale Detective is  very brave, intelligent and talented. She is accompanied by her best pal, Rachel and a 508 year old assistant Fo. Fo, the Elf is the one who points out the problems in the fairy tales. At once Sandra jumps into the fairy land and starts to investigate and solves mysteries. So don’t worry when Cinderella loses her glass slipper or Pinocchio is being kidnapped or Snow White’s evil stepmother’s mirror is missing. Sandra is ready to solve the problems, however tough it may be. Though her opponent Marcus, is always there to oppose her, the victory is always with her. Sandra, the green eyed small girl is certain to steal your young girl’s heart with her clever and humorous blend of magic and deductive reasoning to solve each puzzle.

It’s no wonder Super Abby inspires young girls, such is the way she takes responsibility when a danger situation arises and takes the control of the situation. Super Abby loves reading superhero comic books the way our little girls do.

Even the parents encourage their girls to watch Super Abby, Why? Because it’s a great job that educational tips are being nicely woven along with the adventuresome story. The children can grasp those fun facts very easily, without the boredom of studying. Super Abby’s younger brother Delfin is her number one fan, along with our cute little girls. Delfin snores loudly and the very responsible sister can’t remain idle. She starts research and realizes that snoring can result from obesity. So she starts looking into the factors that lead into obesity. Our girls will love travelling along with Super Abby and will learn many facts along with her.

Lola and Virginia are always there in Chotoonz Wondergirl to enchant your kids. Lola is an intelligent, young girl of 11 years from a working class family. She helps her parents by looking after her younger siblings and wearing cheap clothes. This short, chubby young girl wearing round purple glasses has become everyone’s favorite.

Now we can say that Chotoonz Wondergirl is the right space for watching cartoon exclusively for girls. It’s filled with fun, drama, comedy and action. It is amazing to watch the shows that have girl protagonists who dare to take up challenges that even boys won’t dare to.

Impact of cartoon on young girls

It is doubtless that the girl protagonists will definitely empower the girls. When girls are empowered the families turn healthier and thereby the society. Over the last few years, children have become more attracted to the cartoon shows. They start watching cartoon as early as at the age of six months and become enthusiastic viewers by the age of two or three. They associate with their favorite cartoon characters more readily than adults do. Cartoon characters stimulate interpersonal skills, social growth and learning.

The cartoon characters have an incredible impact on infants and toddlers. You might have watched with surprise, your kids repeatedly watching the same cartoon show without getting bored. They even adopt certain things and tend to talk and behave in the manner their favorite cartoon characters do. They even feel more convenient and comfortable in doing so. Undoubtedly, the girl protagonists, especially Lola, Sandra and Super Abby will motivate the young girls. The empowerment of girls starts right at home. Girls should get genuine possibilities to become whatever they wish for. Their favorite heroines like  Super Abby and Sandra will definitely ignite the passion in them.

Apart from these, cartoons enhance creativity and imagination in the young children. Studies have shown that cartoons can increase the attention skills of the children. They learn good things such as caring about friends, sharing, keeping the surroundings clean , helping their parents etc. Super Abby is always concerned about her family and rises up to the situation when any problem arises and rescue her family from Evil forces. Though Abby’s hurried actions creates some mess there will be an important lesson for our kids to learn.Watching these cartoons will bring out the hidden Abbys and Sandras within your kids.

Girls are unique and have the right to make their choices. They have their own views in everything and of course in watching cartoons. Now Chotoonz has arranged the shows, which the girls love to watch, all in a single space. Come, Watch and Enjoy!!!

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